I have been designing graphics for over eight years and I love what I do

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I have been designing graphics for over eight years and I love what I do


Not many people can say they love what they do for a living and even fewer can say they have had the same role for over eight years. However, I am one of the lucky few who can proudly proclaim that designing graphics has been my passion ever since I began doing it more than eight years ago.

While most people are completely unaware of how vast and multi-faceted designing graphics can be, those who work in the field know that it encompasses so much more than meets the eye. It is an intense combination of creativity, technical ability and good problem solving skills to create stunning visuals either in print or digital formats.

When I started out 8 years ago, technology was still relatively new in the realm of graphic design, meaning every job was done manually using tools such as pens, pencils and paintbrushes. Eight years on and there is not only a plethora of software packages available to make life easier (such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator), but mobile apps which mean designers can now create content anywhere!

All forms of media these days depend on images in some way or another too, such as books covers, magazines spreads, website designs and even logos – giving us graphic designers plenty to keep us busy. The field is growing at an extremely fast pace due to its widespread integration into virtually every industry so there is no excuse not to update our skills regularly with new software releases and refresher courses.

To work as a graphic designer you must be capable of thinking critically and flexibly while being creative to come up with solutions that meet your clients’ needs as well as staying true to your original concept; a tricky balance indeed! You also have to remain organized when dealing with multiple projects concurrently which often have tight turnarounds – talk about pressure! The biggest part however is the sheer thrill you get from watching an idea transform from concept into reality – highlighting why I will continue doing this job for many years to come without regretting my choice for one second.

Having designed graphics for over eight years now has allowed me to develop innovative techniques and discover additional challenges that arise from working on different projects from start-to-finish; it never gets boring!. Most importantly though, I have learnt that visual communication affects us all on some level and therefore strive hard on each individual task presented in order tackle said challenge whilst producing content that is both inspiring and visually effective.

In conclusion, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had in designing awesome visuals for the past 8 years – it has been great fun!