I have been designing graphics for over eight years and I love what I do

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I have been designing graphics for over eight years and I love what I do


As a child, I have always been captivated by colors, shapes, and the way they could create something magical when put together. It was this curiosity that led me on a path to discover graphic design, and since then, there’s been no turning back. In these eight incredible years of refining my skills as a graphic designer, I’ve learned more about myself and my passion for design than I ever thought possible. Today, I want to reflect on my journey and share with you my undying love for what I do.

Subheading: Discovering My Passion

When I first dabbled in graphic design, it was just for fun. Fueling my artistic inclinations, I’d spend hours clicking away on Adobe Photoshop creating images that seemed to come to life before my eyes. Softwares like Illustrator and Sketch only broadened my horizons further. It was at this moment that I knew that I had stumbled upon something magical – my undying love for graphic design.

Subheading: A Passion Turned Profession

It didn’t take long for me to transform my hobby into a full-fledged profession. With no formal training per se, I honed my skills through hours upon hours of practice and online tutorials. The satisfaction of seeing the final output after all that hard work continuously motivated me to keep learning and pushing boundaries. My passion eventually turned into a profitable profession as clients took notice of my growing portfolio and began requesting my services.

Subheading: Learning is an Ever-Going Process

Over the past eight years, graphic design has never ceased to amaze me with its endless possibilities. It feels as if every new project presents an opportunity to explore the depths of design further. From creating website layouts and crafting logos to designing packaging for consumer goods, there seems to be no limit to the mediums and industries where graphic design reigns supreme.

In this constantly-evolving world of design, staying up-to-date with current trends plays an essential role in remaining competitive in the industry. As a result, self-education has become integral on this journey filled with creativity and innovation. Online resources such as CreativeLive or LinkedIn Learning’s community have played a crucial role in expanding my skill set while networking events have allowed me to connect with fellow creative minds who are just as passionate about their craft.

Subheading: Onwards & Upwards Into the Future

Graphic design has managed to keep me completely enchanted over these eight amazing years – and it’s still going strong! The constant challenges and opportunities for growth continue to fuel my passion day in and day out. With each new client request or personal project taken on, I feel excited about pushing myself beyond my comfort zone while working on ideas that ignite creative sparks within me.

With emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and even more advanced printing techniques at our disposal, the future of graphic design looks brighter than ever before! Organizations are now recognizing the power of good visual communication paired with solid strategy – making this an exceptionally exhilarating time for designers like myself.

As I look onward towards a bright and creativity-filled future in the world of graphic design, there is one thing that remains unchanged – my love for what I do! With every click of the mouse or swipe across a tablet screen comes an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having found my true calling in life. To those aspiring young designers out there unsure whether their passion could become a successful profession; take it from me – anything is possible when fueled by determination, hard work, and most importantly – love for your craft!